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The Spiritual Factors in Regaining Good Health:
Recovery from Disease and Accidents

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Helping an Individual Heal Himself (Cont...)

Just as there are two sides to healing – the spiritual and the structural or physical – there are also two states that can be spiritually attained. The first of these states might be classified as “humanly tolerable.” Assists come under this heading. The second is “spiritually improved.”

Any minister (and this has been true as long as there has been a subject called religion) is bound to relieve his fellow being of anguish. There are many ways a minister can do this.

An assist is not engaging in healing. It is certainly not engaging in treatment. What it is doing is assisting the individual to heal himself or be healed by another agency by removing his reasons for precipitating and prolonging his condition and lessening his predisposition to further injure himself or remain in an intolerable condition.

This is entirely outside the field of “healing” as envisioned by the medical doctor and by actual records of results is very, very far beyond the capability of psychology, psychiatry and “mental treatment” as practiced in those fields.

In short, the assist is strictly and entirely in the field of the spirit and is the traditional province of religion, though not restricted to religion only.

A person applying Assist Technology should realize the power which lies in his hands and his potential skills when trained. He has this to give in the presence of suffering: he can make life tolerable. He can also shorten a term of recovery and may even make recovery possible when it might not be otherwise.

When confronted by someone who has been injured or ill, operated upon or who has suffered a grave emotional shock, one or more of the following assists should be used to help the person.

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