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The Spiritual Factors in Regaining Good Health:
Recovery from Disease and Accidents

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Contact Assist

There is a basic principle in Scientology which consists of putting an injured body member exactly on and in the place it was injured. Doing this can have a therapeutic effect and is called a Contact Assist. This is the most common assist for accidents and injuries.


One of the basics of life’s reactions is to avoid places where one has been hurt. This is a survival factor but it is not analytical (based on rational thought). For example, if one ran into a table and injured himself, he would tend to avoid coming near that spot again. He would think he was avoiding the table, but actually he is avoiding the exact location of the accident. Even if the table were taken away, he would continue to avoid the location where he was injured. This is the basic reason for a Contact Assist.

When the exact spot of the accident or injury is available, always do a Contact Assist. It can be followed by other types of assists, but the Contact Assist should always be done first if the physical objects and location are available.

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