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The Spiritual Factors in Regaining Good Health:
Recovery from Disease and Accidents

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Contact Assist (Cont...)


1. Remember that first aid and physical actions often have to be taken before a Contact Assist can be begun. First aid always comes first. Look over the situation from the standpoint of how much first aid is required, and when you have solved that situation, then render the assist. An assist will not shut off a pumping artery, but a tourniquet will.

2. Take the person to the exact spot where the accident occurred. If the object was hot, you let it cool first; if the current was on, you turn it off before doing the assist.

3. Tell the person, “We are now going to do a Contact Assist.”

4. Have the person get into the same position he was in before the accident happened. If he had a tool in his hand, or was using one, he should be going through the same motions with it.

5. Tell the person to move slowly through the accident just like it happened. Have him duplicate exactly what happened at the time of the injury by making him touch the exact spot with his injured body part. You have him gently touch the thing that hurt him. If he pricked his finger on a thorn in the rose garden, you get him to gently touch the same part of the same finger that was pricked to the same exact thorn. If he closed his hand in a door, you would have him go back and, with his injured hand, touch the exact spot on the same door, duplicating the same motions that occurred at the time of the injury. There are hardly any commands involved with it; the less you say, the better off you are.

6. Repeat this over and over again until the exact somatic turns on and blows off—appears and then disappears. (In Scientology we use the word somatic to designate any body sensation, illness, pain or discomfort. Soma means “body” in Greek.)

In addition to the somatic blowing, the person will also have a realization about something: his injury or the circumstances related to how he got hurt or the environment. Such a realization is called a cognition.

You have to get him to touch the exact point to produce the exact phenomenon of the somatic blowing. When this occurs and he has a cognition, end the assist by telling the person, “End of assist.”

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