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The Spiritual Factors in Regaining Good Health:
Recovery from Disease and Accidents

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Contact Assist (Cont...)

Don’t Force the Person

A Contact Assist must sometimes be done on a gradient—with a gradual approach. Let’s say a child stubbed his shin on the lawn mower and now doesn’t want to come nearer than one hundred feet from that lawn mower. You would make him do a Contact Assist with his shin and body at that point (one hundred feet from the same lawn mower), having him go through the motions of the accident. Gradually, gradient by gradient, you narrow the distance that he is willing to approach it and eventually he will go up and do a Contact Assist on the lawn mower.

When one has an accident or injury a Contact Assist should be done.

One of the basics of life’s reactions is to avoid places where one has been hurt.

Have the person get into the same position he was in before the accident happened. Have him gently touch the thing that hurt him. If he had a tool in his hand, or was using one, he should be going through the same motions with it.

Repeat this over and over again until the exact somatic turns on and then blows off (pain gone) accompanied by a cognition. You have to get him to touch the exact point to produce this exact phenomenon.

You must never forcibly drag the person up to the spot where the injury or accident occurred. If you try to force the person, you could overwhelm him which could have a bad effect on him.

Contact Assists can be done solo (by oneself) but one must be sure to do it until the somatic blows.

Any type of injury can and should be handled with a Contact Assist. It is always the best type of injury assist when the exact spot is available and should precede any other assist actions. Contact Assists have unlimited use. They’re sometimes miraculous-but they always help.

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If a person is injured, he can do a Contact Assist on himself. He gently duplicates exactly what happened at the time of the injury, taking care to continue until the pain dissipates.

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