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The Spiritual Factors in Regaining Good Health:
Recovery from Disease and Accidents

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Touch Assist

The Touch Assist is the most widely used and probably best known assist. It was first developed in the early 1950s and has been in use ever since.

The application of Touch Assists is not limited to injuries. They are not just for the banged hand or the burned wrist. They can be done on a dull pain in the back, a constant earache, an infected boil, an upset stomach. In fact, the number of things this simple but powerful process can be applied to is unlimited!


The purpose of a Touch Assist is to reestablish communication with injured or ill body parts. It brings the person’s attention to the injured or affected body areas. This is done by repetitively touching the ill or injured person’s body and putting him into communication with the injury. His communication with it brings about recovery. The technique is based on the principle that the way to heal anything or remedy anything is to put somebody into communication with it.

A Touch Assist helps handle the factors of time and location when a person has been injured. Part of his attention is stuck in the past moment and place of the impact.

The assist restores the person to the present and thus permits healing to occur.

Every single physical illness stems from a failure of the being to communicate with the thing or area that is ill. Prolongation of a chronic injury occurs in the absence of physical communication with the affected area or with the location of the spot of injury in the physical universe.

When attention is withdrawn from injured or ill body areas, so are circulation, nerve flows and energy. This limits nutrition to the area and prevents the drain of waste products. Some ancient healers attributed remarkable flows and qualities to the “laying on of hands.” Probably the workable element in this was simply heightening awareness of the affected area and restoring the physical communication factors. For example, if you do a Touch Assist on somebody who has a sprained wrist, you are putting him back into communication with that wrist as completely as possible.

In addition to control and direction of the person’s attention, a Touch Assist also handles the factors of location and time. If a person has been injured, his attention avoids the injured or affected part but at the same time is stuck in it. He is also avoiding the location of the injury, and the person himself and the injured body part are stuck in the time of the impact. A Touch Assist permits healing to occur by restoring the person to the present and his whereabouts to some degree.

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