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The Spiritual Factors in Regaining Good Health:
Recovery from Disease and Accidents

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Touch Assist (Cont...)


Use on Injuries

Communication with the body lessens when one is ill or injured. A Touch Assist helps restore a person’s ability to communicate fully with an ill or injured body part.

Tell the person, “Feel my finger,” and touch a spot on his body. Acknowledge him when he does so.

Follow the nerve channels of the body. The touching must be balanced to both sides of the body.

A Touch Assist must include the extremities and the spine. A correctly done Touch Assist can speed the thetan’s ability to heal or repair a condition with his body.

Never do a Touch Assist as the first action on an injured person when you can do a Contact Assist. If the exact location where the injury occurred is available, do a Contact Assist. The Contact Assist can then be followed by a Touch Assist or any other assist action.

Use on Animals

Touch Assists can be used to good results on animals. In doing a Touch Assist on a sick or injured dog or cat, you should wear thick gloves, as they may snap and scratch.

Persons on Drugs

A Touch Assist can be done on a person who has been given painkillers or other drugs. This isn’t optimum but it is sometimes necessary under emergency conditions.

Where a person has been injured, your objective should be to get to him and give him a Touch Assist before anyone gives him a painkiller. If the body has been very badly damaged, the person may still be in agony after your assist, but you will have gotten some of the shock off. At this point a medical doctor could administer a painkiller and repair the physical damage. Of course, if the person needs immediate treatment for excessive pain, you would not prevent it from being administered and would then deliver the Touch Assist when the person was more comfortable.


Do not do a Touch Assist on a person who has a headache. Research has shown that headaches are often the result of mental phenomena that a Touch Assist would be the incorrect handling for.

Head Injuries

If a person has received an actual injury to the head such as being poked in the eye or hit on the head with a bat, he can be given a Touch Assist. The same applies to injuries to the teeth or painful dental work.

The Touch Assist is easy to learn and can get quite remarkable results. It has the advantage of being easy to teach others. So use it well to help those around you, and teach them to help others in turn.

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