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Nerve Assist (Cont...)


Stroke along the nerve channels which branch out from the spine, around to the front of the body.

When the person is lying face up, stroke only as far as shown by the arrows.


By releasing standing waves, a Nerve Assist can restore communication between the thetan and the body, relax muscles and straighten out the spine and joints.

1. Have the person lie face down on a bed or cot. Then, with your two index fingers, stroke down close to the spine on either side, fairly rapidly but not very forcefully. This action is then repeated twice.

2. Then reverse your original action, following the same channels with your two fingers back up the spine. This is done three times.

3. Now, with your fingers spread fan-like, stroke the nerve channels, using both hands at the same time. Stroke away from the spine and to the sides of the body following the nerve channels as represented in the top photograph at the end of this page. Once you have covered the whole back in this way (working down from the top of the spine to the bottom of the spine), repeat this step two more times.

4. Now reverse the direction of your strokes so they go back up to the spine.

5. Now have the person turn over so he is lying face up. Using both hands, continue to parallel the nerve channels around to the front of the body.

(Note: In following the nerve channels around to the front of the body, stroke only as far as the points of the arrows in the bottom photograph below. The nerve channels being handled do not extend across the chest or abdomen, so stroking is not done across those areas.)

6. Then reverse your direction on those same nerve channels.

(Note: In following the nerve channels in step 6, begin stroking at the spots indicated by the points of the arrows in the bottom photograph below, stroking towards the back.)

7. Now stroke down the arms and legs.

The person is again turned face down, lying on his stomach, and you start over at step 1.

This procedure is continued until the person has a cognition or expresses some relief, and has very good indicators. He may also experience a bone going into place, often accompanied by a dull popping sound. At this point the Nerve Assist should be ended off for that session.

The Nerve Assist should be repeated daily until all the standing waves are released.

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