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Unconscious Person Assist

A person who is unconscious, even someone who has been in a long-continued coma, can be helped using a process called an Unconscious Person Assist. With this assist you can help to get the person into communication with you and his surroundings, and so bring him from unconsciousness back to life and livingness. It is an easy assist to learn and to do.


The theory of why assists work includes three factors. The first is control and direction of attention. The second is location. The third is time. The injured or ill person remains ill or injured because there is something wrong with each of these three factors. His attention is not under any control, he is located thoughtwise elsewhere and he is not in present time. He is in the past. The problem of someone who wishes to help with an assist is how to control the person’s attention, get the person located here and into present time. By having the unconscious person touch nearby things like a pillow, the floor or his body (without hurting an injured body part), you can help bring his attention under control and bring him into present time. The process is feather-light, but it can reach a long way down.

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