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The Spiritual Factors in Regaining Good Health:
Recovery from Disease and Accidents

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Unconscious Person Assist (Cont...)

Having the unconscious person touch nearby things like a pillow, a blanket or his body can help bring his attention under control and bring him into present time and back to life and livingness.


1. Take the person’s hand gently in your hand and tell him, “I am going to assist you to recover.”

2. Gently move the person’s hand and press it against an object. Use the bedspread, pillow, bed, etc. Give the command “Feel that_ (object)” and give him a very short time to feel it. You do not wait for any response, but you do give the person a moment to feel the object. (Don’t fall for the belief that “unconscious” people are unable to think or be aware in any way. A thetan is seldom unconscious regardless of what the body is doing or not doing.)

3. Acknowledge the person.

4. Move the person’s hand to touch another object and give the next command.

For example: (Person giving the assist places the unconscious person’s hand on bedspread.)

“Feel that bedspread.”


“Thank you.”

(Person giving the assist moves the unconscious person’s hand and places it on pillow.)

“Feel that pillow.”


“Thank you.”

And so on.

5. Continue moving his hand to the next object, giving commands and acknowledging.

6. When the person has regained consciousness, you end off by saying, “End of assist.”

If you are handling a person in a coma, you may not get him back to consciousness in a single assist session. What you look for in such a case as a signal to end the session is an improvement in the person’s condition. There are various indicators which will tell you you’ve gotten an improvement. The person’s breathing may be easier; his skin tone may improve; he may simply look better or more comfortable than when you started that session. Watch very carefully for such indicators. They show you are making progress. When you have an improvement on a person in a coma, end off by saying “That’s it for today” and let the person know when you will see him for the next session.

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